Female Education

Female Education

Female Education

Female Education: Education is the harmonious development of body, mind and soul of mankind. It is power. Hence there is a proved. ‘The popular proved is – Education is the back bone of a nation’. So, a country, where people are educated is a powerful and developed country. It is the root of all progress and prosperity of a person or a nation as a whole. But if a country over looks population and keeps there uneducated she cannot be treated as a powerful nation because about a population remains without any mental and moral development.

Bangladesh is a densely populated country. Women constitute half of our total population. So the develop our country mostly depends on the development of our women folk. That is women must be educated. we should remember that every woman is basically a mother. A mother not only gives birth to her babies but also brings up educates them. So education of children depends a great deal upon its mothers. So childhood is the most impressionable stage and anything good or bad, taught to a child makes an lelihle mark in his mind. Hence we should remember the wise appeal of Nepolean who said to his nation “you give me good mothers,i will give you a good nation.” In fact the future of a child depends on how he is taught by his mother in his early cildhood. An educated mother is naturally expected to raise her children better than an uneducated mother. So we cannot have educated and ideal citizens when the mothers themselves are foolish and ignorant Social responsibilities should also be shared by men and women. An educated women must be wiser and more on discharging her duties and responsibilities to the family and society and helping a nation’s development various fields. So the more woman is educated, the better the future of a nation.


Women in the developed countries are educated and so they are independent. They enjoy equal status along with men. They contest with men in all spheres of their life. Instances of women are not rare, who held or are still holding topmost position of organizations, farms or government organization. But unfortunately, a major portion or women in Bangladesh are still uneducated and confined in the four walls of their families. They are dominated by the male members and are deprived of their legitimate rights. They are considered weak and less important in every sphere of our life including education. Though very recently we have to ladies as political leaders of two big parties one of them is the prime minister and another one was the prime minister. We have also the speaker of the parliament, some secretaries of the government, diplomats, judges, army officers etc. who are women, yet the major portion of our women folk are still remaining in the same dark world as they were in the past. But it is a hope that the situation is changing day by day and women have been trying to get out of their confinement by attaining education.

There are some hindrances to female education in our country. Superstition, presuppositions religious bindings, social ignorance and poverty have put women faraway from receiving education to ascertain their position and dignity. The male member of the family consider women to be capable only of child bearing serving the husbands and doing the house hold chores. Early marriage is another barrier of female education. Most of the parents get their daughter married before they attain maturity. The immatured wives do not understand their duties as wives and often they become mothers before they pass their girlhood.

So female education is a great necessity for a nation from any and every point of view. To meet the need of the society women are to be provided with education and training so that they can make valuable contribution to the development of the society. We all should give due emphasis on the female education other wise real development will be hampered at every step. It is heartening that the government has already taken some significant means
asures to encourage and ensure female education.

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